Strange problem with RAK2287

Hello all,
I have very strange problem with RAK2287 on a raspberry pi 4. I follow the instruction how to flash the card and install full OS (from here Raspberry Pi - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation), it work like magic, but after i set my Concentratord it show up in the dashboard as online for a few seconds and after that it goes offline and stays offline. If a go back to the config sudo gateway-config there is no “gateway id” and if i try to set it again it says that can’t find “id” and to check my shield.
No led are turning on the RAK2287 . I did try on a 3 different brand new raspberry pi 4.
Sorry i have very little knowledge on the subject and I’m not sure if the RAK2287 is burn out or I’m doing something wrong , and what kind of logs will help for debugging the problem.
Thank you for you help

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