Support for Geolocation via Collos

Hii @brocaar

we have 4 gateway for testing lora device location using geolocation

  • we have installed and configured lora-geo-server and loraserver with collos subscription key
  • we are not getting any logs on geo-server

lora-geo-location logs

can you please help us.
Thank you


Anyone can help me

Hii @brocaar

we have setup 4 gateway for device location
we have installed geo-server and configured with collos subscription key
can you please help me for geolcation of device

we are using below gateway for geolocation

Thank you

Your gateway does not support geolocation as it does not provide the fine-timestamp.

Hii, @brocaar

we are getting location using Semtech Collos API and it’s free.
we are confusing collos API will free forever? if not free forever any other option for geolocation?

Thank you

It will migrate to You will find pricing information there.,

Thank you @brocaar

Our lora-geo-server already developed based on collos API.

we need geo-server based on api parameters?