Support for RSSI Geolocation via Collos


Collos has a v1 RSSI geolocation endpoint that is used with gateways that don’t have an fpga for fine timestamps/v1 gateways. I setup Collos for my installation but it seems to only support the Collos v2 endpoint for fine timestamps.

I installed the lora-geo-server and put in my key but of course nothing happens.

Is there any way that we can use the v1 endpoint that utilizes RSSI geolocation? I currently use it on TTN and I’m looking to move away from TTN.

I’ve also updated my server and installed lora-geo-server (with Subscription keys), along with it I’ve subscribed to Semtech LoRaWAN Localization in COLLOS (state is active now)

Is there any way that we can use the v2 endpoint that utilizes Tdoa Multiframe from Semtech Localization Algorithms?

Now, how to get the device location, is there any third party application for the collos APIs, or is the loraserver have some feature for the purpose?

Hii @brocaar

we have setup lora-geo-server(with subscription keys)

lora-geo-server logs

can you please help us