Supporting multiple US_915 sub bands (V4)

I would like to be able to support multiple US_915 sub bands with a single Chirpstack server. Do I need to run multiple instances of CS Gateway bridge on the host where CS is running? Is there documentation on doing so? We are not able to run CS Gateway Bridge on the gateways. Thanks.

Yes, you can see for example:

Note that each region configuration should have its own MQTT topic prefix. In this setup, a single gateway should only work under a single region configuration. E.g.

[gw 1] -- UDP port 1700 --> [ ChirpStack Gateway Bridge ] -- us915_0/gateway/... --> [ MQTT broker ]

[gw 2] -- UDP port 1701 --> [ ChirpStack Gateway Bridge ] -- us915_1/gateway/... --> [ MQTT broker ]