Switching application between classes

I am currently working on an application where the node has almost no up link data but a lot of down link data. The node has to send multiple empty packages to open the receive windows for all this data. This takes a lot of power.

I thought of a possibility to open the connection as a class A. The node sends a request for data and the connection switches to class C until all the data is received. After the last data the node switches back to class A and goes back in deep sleep.

Is this method possible or is it necessary to have a predefined class?

I think this would be possible, but you have to implement this yourself and use the LoRa App Server REST / gRPC API or use the LoRa Server gRPC to change the device-profile to and from Class-C.

class-a and class-c coexist in the same network and devices, how to configure Lora server so that the server can distribute content to device that work with class-a