Swupdate guide for newbies

Howto update a gateway os with the file .swu.
how to download the swu file to the sd card of a raspberry.

use curl or wget to download the file update file to the gateway.

for example on an rpi3 i used to make a directory in the home folder called updates when there was an update i’d hop into that directory by
cd updates

then download the update like so
wget https://artifacts.chirpstack.io/downloads/chirpstack-gateway-os/raspberrypi/raspberrypi3/4.1.1/chirpstack-gateway-os-base-update-raspberrypi3-20230322153826.swu

then to run the update…

sudo software-update chirpstack-gateway-os-base-update-raspberrypi3-20230322153826.swu
or if you stuck it somewhere else…
sudo software /path/to/update/chirpstack-gateway-os-base-update-raspberrypi3-20230322153826.swu


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Thank you very much for the reply .
I have already been able to update the gateway.