Sync Word and NetID

Hey all,

I have a question about private and public LoRaWAN networks.

If I want to deploy my own LNS (with your LoRaserver) with some
nodes, do I need to set the private sync word and where can I set it on
the LNS? And if I do not have to set it, why do not I have to?

Also, I’ve read the documentation on and there is a
net_id filed which is 3 bytes long. However this doesn’t seem to match
the device address? The device address is 4 bytes long and e.g. the
mbed-os stack takes the first 7 bits from the left as the “nwk_id”. I’m
asking this because my stack
rejects all device addresses with Network ID = 0 but my
config only randomly generates such address.


Even if you are deploying a private network you can use the public sync word if you use the NetID 0x000000 or 0x000001.

NetID and DevAddr are diferent things.

page 46:

Thank you for your answer. Are you sure about the sync-word? Where is that written?

I do not understand your answer regarding the NetID and DevAddr. As far as I know, the DevAddr is partly made up of the NetID, is not?

yes, DevAddr is partly made up of the NetID.

using NetID 0x000000 and 0x000001 the DevAddr should be 0x00xxxxxx, 0x01xxxxxx, 0x02xxxxxx or 0x03xxxxxx

Okay, thank you for your information.