TEK766 liquid level sensor

dear all,
does anybody using a TEK766 liquid level sensor? The sensor works well but once a week it stops transmitting a measurement payload. i have to reset this sensor, putting it to dormant state and then reconnect it to my gateway. After this procedure it works well another about 7 days and then i have to repeat this. There are no error messages in the logs, it just quits transmitting. Maybe i missed some errors as the sensor, by default, only sends out a measurment every 6h.
Is there anybody out there using this typ of sensor and can share some experience?

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Hello @SatDad ,

Tekelek TEK766 devices sends a join request into the network every 7 days. Please verify that you have enough signal strength in the installation to avoid manual activation.
or You can turn off the re-join interval using downlinks in device description or user manual.

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hey Chay,
can’t believe that anybody is familiar with this device. I think the signal strength is quite ok as the device is sending its payload with -60 to -70 db all the time. So that might be no issue. I searched all docs available to me but could not find any hint to disable this rejoin. Any idea which payload i have to send to the device to disable this rejoin?
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Hello @SatDad,

It would be great, if you share the uplink log before and after you detect the problem. Regarding downlink payload, you can realise one using the Tekelek payload description. Here is a glimpse on how to change the Join request interval.

I hope this will help you realising a configuration downlink. Unfprtunately I could not attach a document here. I would expect you can find after a search for LoRaWAN payload description Tekelek TEK 766.

Best regards,
Chaitanya Tholeti.

Hi Chay,
thanks for your reply, appreciate it that much to find somebody familiar with this device. Right now i’m not onsite to reset the device, therefore i can not provide any logs, even so it’s quite difficult to catch these events in the logs. Where do you get this manual from? The only ones i was able to find were not that precise than the one you’re quoting from, just some wired excel sheets ;-))
As soon as i’m able to reset the device i will try to catch some logs.

Hi…I would like to degree the liquid level of a closed metal tank from the foot and it is almost 1,5m tall (500L). My to begin with figure is the liquid level is as well much and the flag may blur some time recently coming to the surface. Since the major application of usually to recognizing when the tank gets purge, I moreover figure I coud have a few flag back when the liquid surface is coming to the foot.

Hi @SatDad,

Request Tekelek “Contact - Tekelek |Remote Tank Monitoring Solutions | Oil, LPG & more” for LoRaWAN payload description. You will definitely receive a PDF explaining the types of uplinks and downlinkks.


I think same manual is available under downloads on GitHub for TEK decoder:
Tekelek Ultrasonic LoraWAN Level Sensor.

Thanks for the lead on this sensor; always good to know a sensor is supported.