Tektelic industrial node not responding to DL messages


I am trying to update the default configuration of Tektelic industrial nodes. The have successfully joined the server using OTAA and I receive the periodic messages on fPort 10 as per default config.

Following the documentation I am trying to reconfigure the nodes, the only way to do this it using DL messages.

The documentation states;

All configuration commands (i.e. in the DL), as well as all responses to those commands (i.e. in the UL), are sent through LoRaWAN Port 100.

I have encoded the base64 strings which I send on fPort 100 to the device. I am expecting to see a response on the next uplink window on fPort 100 however these are not received.

Checking the logs theres no errors of note. Does anyone have any experience configure these nodes with DL? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m using EU868 8-Channels on Kerlink Wirenet station v3.3, with Semtech Packet Forwarder and chirpstack-gateway-bridge