Tektelic Industrial Sensor

Has anyone ever successfully commissioned a Tektelic Industrial Sensor? If so how?

I can see the DevEUI when I plug the battery in and let it attempt to join. Of course it never does as I apparently need to give it some keys. The User Guide of the device is clearer than mud.

According to the guide, it wants me to configure the device on the network server first, then plug in the battery. Using that logic, how is one ever supposed to get the DevEUI? The help ticket response I got this morning is that I need to send configs to the device OTA. LoRaServer won’t let me queue any downlinks to send anything to the device OTA because of an Fcnt error. So I disable the Frame Count and this doesn’t work.

Any help?


I have successfully gotten the sensor to be acknowledged by the gateway. It turns out Tektelic ships the keys with your product.

Only now I get Join requests and Join Accepts over and over.

Any help?

Double check your keys.

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@acourt it turns out that my LoRaWan specification was incorrect. Once I figured that out, it joined right up.


For reference to others, I think you mean you selected the wrong LoRaWAN version in the Device Profile? Which version did you select in the end which made it work?

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@brocaar Yes I apologize, it was LoRaWAN version 1.3.0 Revision B

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