Tektelic kona home sensor not joining the network

I installed all chirpstack components on a single AWS VM server. All components are to be running. Tektelic micro gateway is also on the network and I see the gateway with UI

I have defined the following device profile for kona home sensor

kona home sensor is not sending JOIN. I made sure that devEUI for devices/sensors is entered corrected. What else do I need todo?

As I know kona-sensor is OTAA. You need to enter two parameters DevEUI and AppKey while you adding the device. press reset or remove and insert again the batteries to start device join process, also.

I know I put in deveui and appkey exactly as needed by tektelic and OTAA is enabled,but still I do not see devices. Only activation form has changed to a non-editable fields and fast blinking light on the sensor used to blink is not blinking anymore. It shows blank page with rotating cursor when looking at device data or lorawan frames

It tells you that your device successful joined.

it tells too that device is joined and got a dev address and session keys.

by default kona home sensors send their data every 60 min after join.
just wait.


1 i got visibility on one sensor but not the other.

JOIN is not visible in lorawan data or lorawan frames screen like others that posted on similar topic

if one sensor successfuly joined then all chirpstack components and gateway working well.
check your sensors, is them powered up and working at all?
check the deveui and key configuration of each sensor for typos and mistakes. it cannot be otherwise.

Also, with the Tektelic Home Sensors, you can use a magnet on the reed sensor to trigger a message.

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Mystery solved.Device data and Lorawan frames only show data when you are looking at it real-time.For example when I am in lorawan frame and reset the sensor, only than I can see uplink/dowlink. The same is true for device data.if i am not in these screens than the data does not buffer and I miss it and dont see uplink/downlink.

and what do you want? this tab is for debug purposes only.

that was not described anywhere that I read

["?" HELP] button tells you about it


dont take it personally.I dont want to change anything. it would save me a lot of time if i knew that these tools are for debugging only. I am thankful for all the help I got from the community and you.

live frames tabs - yes
chirpstack serever as it is - not

I have a Kona sensor Rev B, working on ChirpStack.
I see the sensor, but no Activation happens.
I understand that the device support OTAA, and I just have to configure DevEUI and AppKey.
I have this Device Profile.

I enabled channels 0,1,2 on my EU band Gateway.

I am new on this, but I am not sure if I am missing something here.


check GW live frames tab? firstly.
if you saw join requests from your sensor? check the DevEUI and AppKey
if not, check your endnode.