The device on Chirpstack can't reconnect after I try to connect the device to the TTN Server

Hi everyone, I’ve just setup LoraWan in a few weeks, I have a little problem with connecting the device. at first I have managed to connect the gateway and the device to Chirpstack. After that I tried to connect the gateway and device to the TTN Server and they were successfully connected too. But the problem is when I reconnect to ChirpStack, the gateway is successfully connected but the device is not connected again.

Reboot your device to force a rejoin.

i have rebooted the gateway, but still not connecting

If you are using different application keys across networks, make sure you are restoring the prior application key in your device otherwise the join procedure will fail the MIC integrity check.

If you are using the same application key then it should be sufficient just to force the end device to re-join i.e., hard reset or power cycle. Also check your device is enabled in your ChirpStack configuration as you might have disabled it and forgotten to re-enable it (done that plenty of times).

Rebooting the gateway will not force the device end to re-join. You have to reboot the device end to force it to re-join.