The options of the Semtech LoRa Cloud Integration


I’m using 3 sx1303 gateways to do the TDOA test (Semtech LoRa Cloud Integration).
Is there any suggestion for these 2 options?

  • Geolocation buffer (TTL in seconds)
    The time in seconds that historical uplinks will be stored in the geolocation buffer. Used for TDOA and RSSI geolocation.

-Geolocation min buffer size
The minimum buffer size required before using geolocation. Using multiple uplinks for geolocation can increase the accuracy of the geolocation results. Used for TDOA and RSSI geolocation.



This really depends on your use-case.

The buffer defines how long items stay in the buffer. You have configured 5 seconds. The min buffer size defines the minimum set of the buffer before geolocation will be used, in your case this is set to 10.

This would mean that within 5 seconds (after which the buffer items will expire) you expect to receive 10 uplinks, this is very unlikely.


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