ThingsBoard components needed with ChirpStack


I have seen on the ChirpStack documentation that for the docker-compose yml, we can just add a definition for ThingsBoard and it will build easy enough.

While I was working on moving ChirpStack to K8s (big thanks to @John_Roesler on that), another colleague took the ThingsBoard file structure directly from their github, so now we have multiple TB components in our K8s space, but a lot of them continually hit the CrashLoopBackOff state. image

Does anyone know:
-Which components from TB we absolutely need in order to use TB as an analytics tool for the values passed forward by a ChirpStack integration (mqtt transport, coap transport, http transport, js executor etc).
-Would it be worth looking into creating a deployment equivalent to the TB definition within the docker-compose.yml?

interesting, I was thinking about using Grafana to setup a network monitor, but thingsboard is a good approach as well :slight_smile:

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Grafana I’ve noticed is fine if you have historical/bar data, but if you need any more complex visualization it’s definitely a good utility. It has the addition of Trendz (believe it’s a plugin).

Also, answered my own question, our use cases don’t allow the option to pick and choose components, we will need the full stack.