Thingsboard Integration Problem

I have set up Chirpstack on a Raspberry Pi 4 with an RAK Wireless gateway, and also installed Thingsboard Community Edition.

I have turned on the Thingsboard Integration in Chirpstack. I have set up the correct server port, and entered the correct Device Access Token with the ThingsBoardAccessToken variable in the device.

I can subscribe to MQTT messages from Chirpstack and see the device data, and I can send curl messages to Thingsboard and see those messages under Latest Telemetry.

However, I cannot see telemetry from Chirpstack in Thingsboard.

  1. Does the Thingsboard Integration work with Thingsboard CE?

  2. If so, am I missing something obvious?

  3. What is the correct trouble-shooting workflow here? where can I see the messages coming out of the Chirpstack Thingsboard Integration headed for Thingsboard?


Bump to see if this has been overlooked, or if there is just no answer.

I have tested this successfully with the CE version of Thingsboard. On an uplink, you should see this log-message if all is well:

Thank you, brocaar. Was this a direct install of Thingsboard CE, or a Docker install?

I have just validated that these instructions still work (CE edition): :slight_smile:


Thank you for confirming this. When I set it up, I get this message:

level=error msg=“integration/multi: integration error” ctx_id=acee500e-1331-49ff-acd9-7dc0b3943c3f error=“send event error: new request error: parse first path segment in URL cannot contain colon” integration="*thingsboard.Integration"

It seems to be saying I can’t designate the port.


I think you are missing http:// or https:// in front of the URL :slight_smile:

That did it. Thanks.

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