ThingsBoard integration. RSSI, SNR

I have completed correctly InfluxDB integration with Grafana visualization and ThingsBoard integration.
When using influxDB there are RSSI and SNR meassurements values but with ThingsBoard I cannot find them. Is it posible to have these values?

I’m having same issue.
I’m not able to retrieve RSSI and SNR data in thingsboard.
Seems that these values are not sent.

I have LoraServer running on a Lorix One gateway (with the image written on the SD).
The integration with Thingsboard is working nicely expect for these RSSI and SNR values which are not passed by LoraServer.

Could you guys help me on this?

I’m trying to do the same things. It should be good if we can just add all the information sent by the gateway as telemetry instead of limiting it. Then in the Thingsboard side the user can decide which one to use.

Another alternative could be passing the gateway payload as input in the decoder and then the user can decide which one to include in the “data” (this option looks very flexible).

What do you think?

If you (or somebody else) would like to create a pull-request, that would be great :slight_smile: You will find the Thingsboard integration source here: chirpstack-application-server/internal/integration/thingsboard/thingsboard.go at master · brocaar/chirpstack-application-server · GitHub.