TICK Stack Integration

Hi All,

I have been playing around with the end user side of loraserver and specifically integration to InfluxDB + Grafana. I have to say, this works really well.

I then started looking into some “less boilerplate” solutions. The out-of-the-box integrations are not well suited for more customized data, or if I want to add some business logic around the raw data provided by the sensors.

In order to achieve that, I am thinking I need to use the full TICK stack, or at least use the Telegraf + InfluxDB + Grafana.

How can I integrate Lora App Server with a data collection such as Telegraf (or maybe Graphite)?
Could I use the HTTP integration and have the data sent to some kind of intermediate service that would act as a bridge between the app server and the collection agent?
Has anyone done this? I am curious as to what the most common use case is.


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Hey amir,

did you ever find a solution for this? I’m currently working on a very similar project and can’t figure out how to pull the data from the LoRa App Server with Telegraf.
Im especially concerned about the small storage on my Raspi, where the LoRa Server is currently saving all sensor data. I would prefer storing the data directly into the InfluxDB in the Cloud.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Luis,

Sorry, I haven’t worked on my IoT project in a long while as I am focusing on other projects at the moment.
I think to integrate with an external service, you may need to use the HTTP integration which would send the payload to an end-point you have to implement if I recall correctly. From there, you can store the data and use whatever stack to present/manage the data.
You could probably even integrate with some cloud services that way like AWS.

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Hey amir!
In case youre still interested, i wrote my own MQTT Consumer in Go, maybe youre interested in using it aswell: https://r-n-d.informatik.hs-augsburg.de:8080/loisbois/mqtt_lorawan_consumer