Time in payload

I want to do the time synchronization for my lora end node. I want to read the LNS time to make the synchronization. But i check the uplink device data, its showing as “time: null”.

Do i have to do any settings or how to proceed with this?

Thank you


Looks like the gateway isn’t sending a timestamp - you could try this config in the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge

# Fake RX timestamp.
# Fake the RX time when the gateway does not have GPS, in which case
# the time would otherwise be unset.

Dear John,

Thank you for the reply.

Where this gateway bridge configuration has to be done. I am using a gateway “cloudgate” which i am sending the lora packets using UDP packet forwarder.

How should i do that?

Is your gateway’s packet forwarder sending packets via UDP to a ChirpStack Gateway Bridge? If so, you’d change the config toml for that bridge. You can check the packet forwarder config to see what address it’s sending to. It’s possible it’s localhost and the gateway bridge is on your gateway.

If not, what is your architecture?

Hi John,

I have looked for the config toml file, but i didn’t find that file.

My architecture is:

Lora End sensor

Gateway receives the data from the sensor

Gateway forwards the data to ChirpStack using luvitRed UDP packet (localhost IP and Port).

Which components of ChirpStack are you using?

Dear John,

I am sorry, i do not understand what does components of ChirpStack? you are mentioning?
Can you detail it please.

Network Server, Application Server, Gateway Bridge etc. https://www.chirpstack.io/project/architecture/