Time: NULL in uplink rx packet (GPS ENABLED)

Hello all,

I’m using a GPS ENABLED gateway, and getting these parameters null

  • time:null
  • timeSinceGpsEpoch:null

I’m geting the location in the stats mqtt topic.
And INVALID TIME REFERENCE in the lora_pkt_fwd (because of null time values)


What to do to make it work?

Got a new update while debugging in lora_pkt_fwd!

Hi @brocaar sir,

Got the following packet at my lora gateway logs,

JSON up: {“rxpk”:[{“tmst”:1287428804,“time”:“2019-05-16T09:07:02.981514833Z”,“tmms”:981,“chan”:8,“rfch”:1,“freq”:866.785000,“stat”:1,“modu”:“LORA”,“datr”:“SF12BW125”,“codr”:“4/5”,“lsnr”:-8.5,“rssi”:-93,“size”:12,“data”:“YAEAAACg5gsjlQ0Y”}]}

And on the lora server live frame logs i got this:

Is there any reference packet for the time, timeSinceGpsEpoch and timestamp values?
How to get proper data values at loraserver for achieving geolocation?
If you have any reference packet format as per kerlink gateway’s packet forwarder or any other please share the same.

Hello @Yash_pahwa
I’m having the exact same issue, how did you solved it? I read that in your update on May 2019 you got the time and timeSinceGpsEpoch values. How did you do it?

Thank you

Hey @Rokscript08 ,

We have changed our GPS module with “u-blox 7” from then we were able to fetch the time and timeSinceGpsEpoch values.

You may refer to the below link for more clarifications.

The reason is that the HAL uses binary u-blox specific messages to retrieve the monotonic “GPS epoch” time. Technically you could use other GNSS modules, but you would need to extend the HAL library for getting the GPS epoch time.

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