Timestamp to use Lora Cloud Geolocation service TDoA

Hello everyone. I’m trying to use Lora Cloud Geolocation service to locate my device using triangulation. I have 3 Kerlink Wirenet iStation gateways, but they don’t send timestamp in the uplink:

They do work based on RSSI but I also want it to work with ToA, is it possible with this gateways or I do need for example Kerlink Wirenet iBTS to achieve this?

I don’t think the iStation provides a fine-timestamp, so in that case you would need iBTS gateways or any other gateway providing a fine-timestamp for geolocation.

So the only other gateways I found that support fine-timestamping are Cisco IXM-LPWA-9/800-16-K9 or iBTS. Do you know other ones or methods to achieve TDoA with Lora Cloud Geo? If not, i’ll try to work with RSSI geolocation for my project.

SX1303 based gateways will also provide a fine-timestamp: LoRa Core Digital Baseband Chip for Gateways | Semtech.

For example: RAK5146 LPWAN Concentrator Module | mini-PCIe LoRaWAN Module SX1303 & SX126X – RAKwireless Store.

Hi Pulsar,

You can have a look at https://loccarto.io/ This would help you for both RSSI as well as TDoA based geo location.

Lalit Shah

Hello Lalit Shah,

I am trying to geolocate my device with RSSI or TDoA (and LoRa), and I have checked the website that you mentioned but unfortunately they dont have any documentation on how to connect it to the “The Things Stack”. Have you managed to have a connection and/or geolocate your device?
Thank you in advance.

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Georgios Panteli

Hi @Pantel

Please follow the below Developer documentation for Loccarto.


Hello Sagarpatel,

I have tried the “documentation” in the website but it is unfortunately very difficult to understand.
For example, probably I will need to use a Webhook integration in The Things Stack, but what do I use as a Base URL in the settings of the webhook or where do I use the Manage Key from the Loccarto website. Lastly, do I need to write a specific code in my LoRa device so that it sends a specific signal?
Thank you very much in advance if you could answer me these questions.

if you are looking at “The Things Stack” then you should probably go there for support? Chirpstack & The Things Stack are 2 separate platforms…

If you do however want to use Chirpstack, then all you would need to do is in your applications section of the application server, go to integrations, set http endpoint to https://api.loccarto.io/v1/rssi/latlng (from the documentation in the link you provided) it would then be up to hose other platforms to get you over the line… as long as you use the correct gateways, there should be nothing much more in in Chirpstack for you to do… good luck

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Hi @Pantel

  1. Loccarto Key Management Please Sign up on our Platform.
  2. No need to write any specific code in your LoRa device, you need to pass device mac, gateway mac, and RSSI on our API in the Request Body parameter as per the API Documentation.

Once you sign up and login into your account you will see the API-Demo page for testing.


This looks really cool… I have been involved in tracking since the days of csd and sms based comms protocol for tracking… this platform looks really good…

If I were you, I would look at something called Raspberry Pi Zero W | room-assistant

In smart home automation, presence detection by room is really hot right now… if not already, sign up for an account on https://www.home-assistant.io/

Then build a https://loccarto.io/ integration for home assistant and this will massively increase your market size as long as you don’t try take the p1$$ with the pricing…

I am signing up for an account on https://loccarto.io/ after I click send on this… !

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