TLS Configuration MQTT Forwarder

This is my use case and i want to connect using TLS.

I have configured the MQTT broker / Chirpstack according to the following instructions:

How do I have to configure the forwarder? Is there a guide for this?

Seems to be here:


Is that the only configuration one needs to do for TLS? If so, it’s now clear to me why I couldn’t find any further information. :smile:

  # MQTT server (e.g. scheme://host:port where scheme is tcp, ssl or ws)

See also (same page as @bconway mentioned):

  # CA certificate file (optional)
  # Use this when setting up a secure connection (when server uses ssl://...)
  # but the certificate used by the server is not trusted by any CA certificate
  # on the server (e.g. when self generated).

  # TLS certificate file (optional)

  # TLS key file (optional)


Does anyone have a guide on how to create certificates on KerlinkOS?