Toml configuration on server and app

Hello, Im trying to connect the gateway bridge, network server and app server in diferent hosts, but Im still confused after reading the documentation, I was able to add the network server successfully on the app web interface.
but Im still not sure what to set on these sections of the file

Join-server settings.


This API is provided by ChirpStack Application Server.


does this section is important for something ? because I think the bind is already done here .

Network-server API

I guess its saying the app server can bind through any ip, I guess.

and with the app setting theres also two sections like the network server

Settings for the “internal api”

# This is the API used by ChirpStack Network Server to communicate with ChirpStack Application Server


Join-server configuration.


Im just kinda confused because there are two configuration and I dont see the difference between both of them, also they use different ports, if anybody can clear me this out I would appreciate it.


The difference between bind and server:

  • bind defines at what interface the server binds
  • server defines the endpoint which is used by the client to connect to the server

The default bind values ( should be sufficient in most cases (everything running on one VM or separate VMs). The server defaults work out of the box when all is installed on a single VM, but when you are separating services, you must configure these to the related hostname or IP.

As the ChirpStack Application Server provides the join-server service (binding to, you have to tell ChirpStack Network Server how to connect to this interface. Thus when your ChirpStack Application Server instance has IP, then the server option must be configured to as that is how you would connect to this service from the ChirpStack Network Server VM.