Transferring one sensor's data to another sensor


I have the below queries:

  1. Can we transfer sensor data to another sensor? For example, we have two sensors: a sound level sensor and an alarm sensor. If the sound level sensor reaches a high frequency, the alarm sensor should sound an alarm.
  2. Can we transfer the data from the sound level sensor to the alaram sensor?
  3. Does chirpstack support it, and if so, how do I achieve it?
  4. Can we tag two sensors to each other?
  5. In which version can we tag two sensors to each other?
  6. Does ChirpStack support linkage functions?

Thank you

A network server is not here to deal with the application logic.
You should send the data to a system like an IoT platform and implement the Business Logic on it.

Hi Jerome,

Thank you for the reply. I think so I didn’t post the question properly. From the above question, what I wanted to know was does Chirpstack support “Linkage” functionality. Because, I have a Netvox R602A model sensor, I want this to trigger when Elsys EMS sensor button is pressed. When I checked with Netvox Support they mentioned it is something to be done on Network Server side, so I wanted to know how I can achieve this feature. Currently I am not able to see any linkage options in the Chirpstack GUI. I saw one more post, in that in mentioned Chirpstack supports Linkage function, Any idea in which version it is supported? Currently I am not able to see it in my Chripstack GUI.

Never heard about that! But curious to know more…

Even I wanted to know about this feature. I tried, but I am not able to see it.
In which version is it available?

Why create a new ticket for the same question?

Or maybe that’s not you but an interesting coincidence.
Other thread Is relevant.

What you are looking to do is not supported.

“Linkage” as it exist is forwarding messages to an application server.

If that application server queues a downlink for the other device you will have device “linkage of data”. The latency for the recieving device to get the data depends on its class A, B or C. Class A would only get the data after an uplink. Class C device can listen all the time if mains powered.

The device is Class C so it would receive the downlink immediately. If it’s not supported, I am curious why Nicholas mentioned that option is available in Application Device Details page in the other thread. I am just thinking is it something to do with my Application Server version, like this feature was introduced recently and I have an older version running. Waiting for his update.