Transmit downlink direct after uplink with HTTP integration and API

I’m trying to use the HTTP integration and the chirpstack API to implement the Clock synchronization
I’m using python with flask to decode the payload and then I use this example to enque the response.
The problem I have with this method is that it doesn’t transmit the response in the RX window after the uplink but only when the next uplink occurs. I think there is not enough time to process the data after the uplink.
I also tried to modify the chirpstack-network-server.toml (I use the docker of chirpstack) and change the rx1_delay but it doesn’t seems to work, the delay is always 1sec.

Is there a good way to do that?


Please take a look at get_downlink_data_delay in the same config file. That value defines how long the NS will wait for a downlink from the AS.