Transmitting longer payload


For example, in AS923, the data rate to send payload size between 51 to 123 bytes is to use DR3.
With ADR enabled, does usually a Lora node will adjust the data rate internally before sending the payload? how about when the ADR is disabled?
Does anyone have experience with RisingHF RHF3M076B to do this?


In LoRaWAN network the resposible for adjusting the Data Rate is the Network Server.
When the Network Server receives an unplink from the sensor, it studies if Data Rate of sensor is right or it could be better to change it, depending on RSSI and SNR.
If Network Server thinks that it should be changed, it sends a Downlink transmission to the sensor to change it.
If you want to keep a fix Data Rate in your sensor, there is usually a parameter on the sensor to disable Automatic Data Rate, so the Network Server will not try to change Data Rate and it will be always the one that you choose in the sensor (usually another parameter in the sensor).