"transport: Error while accessing web UI"

I was successfully registered my device and everything was alright till yesterday.
Today when i tried to access web UI am getting the below error.

INFO[0154] grpc: addrConn.resetTransport failed to create client transport: connection error: desc = “transport: Error while dialing dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused”; Reconnecting to {localhost:8000 }

Please tell me where am going wrong?

LoRa App Server is unable to connect to LoRa Server (given that you’re using the default ports, port 8000 is the LoRa Server API).

I have solved the above issue. Now everything is fine but when i subscribe to mqtt topic (mosquitto_sub -h -t application/+/node/00000000220003ba/rx) am getting the data but it is not decrypted.

I can see something like below messages in lora-app-server logs
INFO[1644] handler/mqtt: publishing data-up payload topic=“application/8/node/00000000220003ba/rx”
INFO[1534] data-down item requested by network-server, but queue is empty dev_eui=00000000220003ba

Please give me the solution.:pensive:
Thanks in advance

Are sure you sure the data is encrypted and not simply encoded?
Have you tried running the data through a base 64 decoder?
I like using this one:

I believe this is normal - it indicates there are no pending messages waiting to be sent to the node.
When you send a message to a node via MQTT - you should see something like:

Dec 15 19:44:45 <> lora-app-server[1363]: time=“2017-12-15T19:44:45Z” level=info msg=“handler/mqtt: data-down payload received” topic=“application/1/node/fb44c4f30363ec59/tx”

Dec 15 19:44:45 <> lora-app-server[1363]: time=“2017-12-15T19:44:45Z” level=info msg=“downlink queue item enqueued” dev_eui=fb44c4f30363ec59 id=1981

Then later:

Dec 15 19:44:45 <> lora-app-server[1363]: time=“2017-12-15T19:44:45Z” level=info msg=“data-down item requested by network-server” confirmed=true dev_eui=fb44c4f30363ec59 fcnt=16 id=1981
Dec 15 19:44:45 <> loraserver[1301]: time=“2017-12-15T19:44:45Z” level=info msg=“received data down from application” confirmed=true data_base64=“bL+gvlEGiHobdw==” dev_eui=fb44c4f30363ec59 fcnt=16 more_data=false

Hi JIm
Thank you for your support.