Trigger HTTP request after creating a device through the web interface

Greetings everyone, I hope you all are doing great.

I’ve recently configured ChirpStack using the Docker installation method. I require that, each time a device is registered via the web interface, it initiates an HTTP request to an external API. This request should include the device’s AppEUI and DevEUI in the body.

I was checking the documentation and I couldn’t see any topic related to that. There isn’t anything like “system events” (there is the logs that I can see in the terminal, but that’s it) that tell when a device or any other entity was created.

Is it possible to achieve this?

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–Juan David

Please take a look at:

I believe this might do what you need. This exposes the API requests + some additional meta-data (in case of device create the DevEUI).

Greetings. @brocaar Thanks for the quick response.

I have a little question. Aside from the devEUI, I also require to have the appEUI in the meta-data. Is there a way to get said info?

It is not exposed, but the JoinEUI (if configured) + any other data that you are interested in can be retrieved by making a gRPC API call using the DevEUI as identifier.