Triying to configure AP to 2,4 GHz and connect gateway.

Hello everyone,

I´m trying to setup a RAK7289CV2 with chirpStack OS in its own raspberry.

I have been able to configure everything first in a virtual machine and test the components of the network but that is not feasible for the final project.

That’s why i have bought a raspberry pi 4 8gb and flashed the full os image to have the chirpstack instance.

It initializes correctly and I have been able to enter the chirpstack instance, add the gateway and in the gateway point the address to the raspberry ip in forwarder mode as I did in the virtual machine but the status remains as never seen.

I have tried another approach that would be to use the integrated WIFI adapter of the gateway to connect to the raspberry AP created in the beginning but as soon as I change the AP from AC to Legacy(Gateway only has 2,4Ghz) it disables itself and even more weird the raspberry continues to show the AP with the initial parameters even after applying them.