Trouble Seeing the SenseCAP Outdoor Gateway US915 in ChirpStack

Hello all!

I have a new SenseCAP LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway (US915, SX1301) I want to be able to use with the Wio-E5 mini sensors from Seeed Studio. I have previously used ChirpStack with another gateway, but I am struggling to connect my sensors to ChirpStack and SenseCAP outdoor gateway US915. I can access the LoRa server built into the gateway. I can also see the gateway active on ChirpStack API (login with port 8080). The gateway came with its EUI and KEY. I used the EUI to create the gateway profile. I am having problems connecting the Wio-E5 mini sensors in ChirpStack. All the Join requests fail or don’t appear. I have 2 profiles for two sensors under the Applications panel. Has anyone else done anything similar?

Is the SenseCAP Outdoor gateway only compatible to work with the SenseCAP S210X Sensors only?

I am following the main steps from this guide:

Thank you!

Have you set the frequency of Chirpstack, gateway and node to the same sub band?

US915 has many subbands.

How did you solve this?
I’m having other similar troubles for the same chirpstack gateway but with other sensors.

thanks in advance for the reply

How did you solve this problem pls?

I’m having similar troubles for the same gateway with chirpstack and i can’t connect ii to my nodes.

Thanks in advance

The steps you can check.

  1. Make 1000% sure ChirpStack is configured to use the correct subbands of US915 (such as US915_1, US915_2…)
  2. Make sure you configure the toml files in ChirpStack.
  3. Make 1000% sure which US915 subband the nodes are using.

You should see the gateway online in Chirpstack first.
Then the nodes will be online in Chirpstack.