Troubleshooting issues


I’m having problems connecting my devices to the NS. They are sending JoinRequests, but there is no JoinAccept follow-up.

I have inputted the correct keys many times, and re-adding the sensor does not fix the issue. We cannot even determine the issue since I cannot see anything in the Device Data tab (which is where the troubleshooting guide points to). All I see is an unending spinning circle.

My gateway is fine, it’s a Tektelic Micro running the Tektelic Packet Forwarder. My sensor is also a Tektelic Home sensor, and it is able to connect to other NS.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

Can you see the join-requests in the gateway LoRaWAN tab?


We’ve worked around this issue.

We were able to see the JoinRequests in the gateway tab. However, the gateway itself had problems with the MQTT-bridge. We have since switched to the UDP PF and it has worked as expected now!