Trying to locate packet-forwarder configuration keys

I made it to the bottom of the getting started guide and moved across to the “First gateway” guide, and I’m running into a little confusion. The first part description doesn’t tell me where these configuration keys live:

Modify the packet-forwarder of your gateway so that it will send its data to the LoRa Gateway Bridge. You will need to change the following configuration keys:

  • server_address to the IP address / hostname of the LoRa Gateway Bridge
  • serv_port_up to 1700 (the default port that LoRa Gateway Bridge is using)
  • serv_port_down to 1700 (same)

Where do I find these keys to modify them? I presume there’s a configuration file, but the link above links to a github. Do I have to recompile the packet forwarder and hardcode the server address and ports? I think this software was installed as part of the getting started guide. The scripts referenced in the “packet_forwarder” page do not appear to exist on my system.

Did I miss a step?

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Where did you install the packet forwarder? I have mine on my Pi along with the loras gateway bridge. My config file is in /opt/ttn-gateway/bin/local_conf.json.

I’m not entirely certain where it was installed. Everything installed by following the getting started / quick start guide for Debian is installed using Apt. The more I look, the more I am convinced I don’t even have this piece of software.

I took a somewhat naive approach to following the getting started / quick start guide, but it would appear that the getting started guide does not cover the installation of this piece of software.

I’m hoping I just misread or accidentally skipped a paragraph. Is the packet forwarder not part of the gateway bridge installation?

I used for mine and it works. You can also setup multiple servers if you want you own private server later on

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