Tutorial or help for programming registers for lora rfm95

hi, i am fresher, i have to develop lora communication using rfm95 in prebuild device which has its own personal server, so i need no lorawan only lora, in which one rfm95 will be master and other rfm95 will be nodes, can anyone teach me which registers to focus and what is part of programming to focus in github, is there any relevant program in github for me.
where should i start studying, in terms of programming and registers, what procedures or steps are there for me to complete my work, thank you for helping me in advance.

hello @Amit_Jain need only lora so no need to post here :wink:
maybe you take a look at https://github.com/LilyGO/TTGO-LORA32-V2.0
this is an example with esp32 combination
maybe you can start from here

thank you,
after 5 months my one year will complete to so i will be eligible for qualqcomm interview, so if i want to learn lora or similar bluetooth wifi stack where should i study bz i have material for all arm rtos dma … embedded but i have no idea about all this and there is no material also on net, only theory is there and not even on stack, thank you again.

hello @Amit_Jain
take a look at
it might give you an idea of lora… lorawan …
and good luck with your interview

Thank you,
Yes i already watched all that, may be i could be wrong, but i really dnt what to learn where to go hiw much to go, in all those series only theory is there, no register programming, no programming infact, i even dnt kw should i be able to deal with regiters… Will that be require … With arm rtos dma… Everything is there on udemy ftu torrent… But for this… Ok i will leave this topic here now. Thank you for your help, thank you for wishing me, have a nice day.