Two Chirpstack Based Networks and one end device

I have two lora networks based on Chirpstack and Rak2245 gateways.
I have added one end node device to the both networks. I get uplinks from end device in both application servers. I try downlink messages to the device. End node device recieve message onky from one network. End device work in class C, ABP mode. I don’t understand wgat i’m doing wrong. Please help.

Disable frame-counter validation

Thank you for reply. I did it.
End device recieve several messages from network 1. Then i downlink message from network 2. After that end device do not recieve messages from network 1.

I’m not sure if this is going to work. When you have two NS instances that can send data to your device, this means that on a successful downlink from NS A, the device will increment the downlink frame-counter. When NS B is sending data, it is not aware that the frame-counter incremented and it gets rejected by the device.

Even when you sync. the frame-counters, there is a lot of other device specific context which a NS keeps track of, so I would not recommend having a setup where two NS instances can send downlinks to the same device.


Thank you very much for fast reply. So roaming between network is impossible. Am i wright?

The setup you are describing is not how roaming works. Please have a look at the LoRaWAN Backend Interfaces specification by the LoRa Alliance for more information about roaming. Please note that this is currently not (yet) implemented by ChirpStack.


Orne, thanks a lot for your work.
We run 8ch and 16ch GWs in our coverage. So the problem is almost the same two NS but the device should work with both. Only roaming I think can solve it?
Do you know when roaming will be available?

Greetings, I am following up on this topic as I want to implement a similar setup. We currently cover a large area with 1 RAK-based ChirpStack radio, but some areas don’t get coverage so we want to add at least another full stack (RAK device, ChirpStack running on Raspi).

Our end nodes are class A. How can we configure both ChirpStack radio units in order to allow all devices to “roam” between them, using which ever radio has best signal strength at their location or whichever is reachable? Can the gateways talk to each other in order to sync their connections/data? or is there another way of achieving this?

Thanks for creating this awesome project!