Two servers at the same time (Local + Cloud)


First my greetings and congratulations to @brocaar and rest of people involved to give us an amazing lora server.

Currently, I have a full stack loraserver (LoRa Gateway bridge + LoRa Server + LoRa App Server) under one machine, the reason for doing this is to avoid cloud / or depend on Internet, all the nodes uplinks and downlinks are handled on this single machine.

Now I’m thinking about some kind of “hybrid deployment” with another instance of LoRa server running in the cloud, the “local server” manages the “local nodes” but also forwards the payloads to cloud server.

Another question is, if I create an application under cloud server it’s possible for the nodes to get coverage from “local gateway” + gateways added to cloud server?

Please, excuse me, maybe I’m not explaining good, English isn’t my native language, hope everybody understands my questions.

you want to create a localhost server to get and save data?

No, the local server is created and working good and handles an application which is treated locally, so no dependence of internet connection.
This “Local Server” has nFuse LoraWan concentrator + Lora Gateway Bridge + Lora Server + Lora App Server and software to handle communication with nodes.

But now I have another instance of loraserver deployed in the cloud (Lora Server + Lora App Server) and I want to connect multiple gateways to this server including that “Local Server”.

Think about poly packet forwarder but in loraserver flavor.
Maybe Its possible to each gateway + Lora Gateway Bridge forwards to both Lora Servers?


May I ask why you want to replicate the whole stack?

It is possible to deploy multiple gateways, Gateway Bridges. I believe it is also possible to deploy multiple Lora Server Network Servers. However deploying a second application server to control the same nodes I expect should bring multiple issues. Which server manages a particular node? OTAA can definitely not work with this for obvious reasons but ABP may work if the keys exist on both servers and the gateways receiving the packets can forward to both servers.

I have a peculiar scenario where LoRa Tracker nodes used in search and rescue are created as nodes on a network server and can also be created on a mobile IoT Kit (Gateway-AppServer In A Box) which can be used to track these nodes in the field when they are out of reach of gateways connected to the Network server. However both servers do not control the node at the same time. It is either one or the other.

I believe that the ability to control or even receive data from one node on two different servers simultaneously defeats the security in the technology as that is basically spoofing.