TX info on PSQL

Hi all,

I’ve been using ChirpStack for over two years now. A customer’s request requires us to have a log of the SF per uplink. Currently we were offering uplink information from the PSQL integration as this is a good solution to store historical data. It is just now that I’ve found out that there is no SF stored in any of the PSQL tables. The SF is included already in the MQTT integration. Is there any reason why is it not included on the PSQL one? Or maybe am I missing something?


SF can be derived from DR, which is included (I believe - I don’t use that integration, but it’s in all the device payloads). You should be able to give them the SF based on the DR + regional parameters spec, or just give them the DR.


Thank you bconway! Indeed the DR is included on the PSQL integration and I found the document you mention where the SF per DR is specified. This solves my issue :pray:

For future reference. The document can be found here:

The document is called LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters