Txinfo wrong frequency 1210132480

Dear all,
I’m using the ChirpStack application version 3 using docker-compose.
The gateway connected to ChirpStack is a Dragino LP-01 with the single packet forwarder. The device is an Arduino with a Dragino hat.
Frames sent by the device are received from the gateway and sent to ChirpStack, I can see them into gateway’s frames:

but on the network server logs I see the error:
“get channel error: no channel found for frequency: 1210132480, dr: 5”

This frequency is absolutely wrong, both on Dragino and on Arduino the reported frequency is 868100000 MHz.

I also tried to add this frequency into configuration, but correctly the network service notice that the frequency must be a 100 multiple.

So now I’m stuck into understanding from where this wrong frequency come: is from my Arduino device, or the Arduino packet forwarder embedded on Dragino or from Dragino itself? Or is it a wrong configuration of my gateway in ChirpStack?

Thank you in advance for any help!

This is likely to be the frequency reported by your gateway to ChirpStack. What I recommend to do is look at the UDP data sent by your gateway to the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge.

See https://www.chirpstack.io/project/guides/connect-gateway/ for some examples to debug this.

Hi @brocaar and thank you very much for your support!
With your instructions I debugged the incoming UDP messages, but the frequency seems to be correct:



What could be wrong?

Many thanks,

The value itself is correct, but the presentation is wrong. It is expected to be in MHz, your freq is in Hz.



Dear @brocaar,
yes it is a Dragino issue, I found this discussion: Lorawan/band: unknown channel for frequency
Now I will look for a solution/workaround, but you answered my question!
If I will find a solution I will update this thread.

Thank you very much!