Unable to create / display devices


our ChirpsStack server comes into a state in which it is not possible to display or create devices.

An empty list of devices is displayed on the webpage after switching to an application.
For createing a device, the corresponding form was validly completed. On pressing the button ‘CREATE DEVICE’ nothing happens.
The get devices request via the API does not get an answer either.

The problem is cross-user and cross-organization.
After restarting the application server, everything works normally again.
The logs form application and network server show no corresponding messages.

Is there any reason why this would happen?


Hello @brocaar, I am facing the same issue and the device list is getting empty and I have to restart the app server! Also, the REST API stops working!
What is wrong with this?
Do I need to update all components?

anything, inspection of service logs will give you more information to understand the reasons.

How can I access the log file?

journalctl or cat the corresponding log file in the /var/log/
depends from your system.

Yes but I want the log of 2-3 days!
Where is the log file?

what kind of log you’re asking?
man journalctl

Yes…now I am getting with sudo journalctl -f -n 1000 -u chirpstack-application-server
Thanks…using -n 1000