Unable to join from Heltec ESP32 LoRa V2. (TTN Working)

Hi everyone,

I managed to set up a test node and gateway forwarding to and from TTN. I then installed Chirpstack v3 (and later V4) on a local RPi and can see the join request (see screenshot). The Heltec ESP never seems to receive the accept though.

Gateway is a Mikrotik LR8 and the Heltec is using a test sketch from the MCCI LMIC library. OTTA keys are being produced by Chirpstack.

I know this topic has been mentioned a few times. Is there any obvious reason why TTN should work and Chirpstack not?

Any help gratefully received.

Have you checked the events tab of the device? Does it contain any log information?

Hi, thanks for the reply. This is the output from the events tab:

Please let me know if you need any further information.

BTW, this if the Activation tab:

I’m experiencing the same issue. If there is any information to solve this i’d like to know.

Could it be that the gateway never acknowledged the downlink transmission? In this case ChirpStack does not show the downlink as it doesn’t know if it was sent using RX1 or RX2 parameters.

Things to look into:

MQTT message logs, you should see something like:

  • eu868/gateway/…/event/up
  • eu868/gateway/…/command/down
  • eu868/gateway/…/event/ack

As well you might want to look into the ChirpStack server logs.