Unable to receive downlink in Class A

Hi, all
I want to ask the configuration of gateway for downlink in Class A.
The device can join with OTAA, and can receive downlink packets in Class C.
However, I have three questions:

  1. downlink packets are only on the RX2 frequency (505300000 Hz, in my case): how can I set it to send on RX1 frequency?
  2. node cannot receive any downlink packet in Class A: Is there any configuration on the network server or application server that I need to check?
  3. I send downlink packets in duty cycle, and I found only in this case the device can receive packets: the “timing” is “DEALY” not “immediately” and frequency on RX1. But I don’t know how to achieve it? In most cases the “timing” is “immediately”.

I found the reason:
When sending in Class A, the device profile should not support Class C:

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