UnconfirmDataUplink and UnconfirmDataDownlink

Hello there, I do not understand why the ChirpStack v4 deny data uplink and downlink after OTAA Join.

I am trying to connect Dragino Temperature and Humidity Sensor, LSN50 v2-S31B to the chirpstack v4 in separate cloud via RAK2287 Development Gateway which running Chirpstack Gateway OS on Raspberry Pi 4 where this OS using Concentrators sx1302 version 4.0.1.

The OTAA was successfully joined on device reboot.

The problem is, after device was join. There is up Data with payload in the device Event Tap. At the same time LoRaWAN Frame showed UnconfirmDataUplink and UnconfirmDataDownlink.

Here is my Gateway logging message

Dec 04 22:41:33 raspberrypi4 user.err chirpstack-concentratord-sx1302[510]: Get concentrator temperature error, error: lgw_get_temperature failed
Dec 04 22:41:33 raspberrypi4 user.info chirpstack-concentratord-sx1302[510]: Publishing stats event, rx_received: 0, rx_received_ok: 0, tx_received: 0, tx_emitted: 0

I am not sure really sure where it issues. So, my assume are the following points

  1. is it because of the sensor itself that need to configure the parameter for chirpstack v4?
  2. is there any non-configures in the gateway? At this point i have already do a basic gateway-config.
  3. does it because of my device profile setup in application server?
  4. or it might not costs by the first three questions.

So, please give some advice to identify the problem and how can I get over it?

Note: I have tried similar topics in the forum, but still not solve this problem.

Could you clarify what the problem is? It sounds like your device is successfully joining and sending unconfirmed payloads.

Yes, you are right. The data is up in the Events but it gives warning Unconfirmed in LoraWAN Frames

Ah, okay. Unconfirmed is a type of payload, not an error.

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