Understanding ChirpStack Solution for LoRa

Hi there,

I have just started exploring LoRa and I wanted some opensource components to start with… that’s when I came across ChirpStack LoRa solution.

I read the documentation and found about LoRa docker solution from this link GitHub - brocaar/chirpstack-docker: Setup ChirpStack using Docker Compose


  1. I don’t have any hardware component like antenna or gateway… so is it possible to run docker image directly on my Linux(Ubuntu) desktop.
  2. Do the docker image form a complete solution… what I mean is if the docker image contains all the necessary components like packet forwarder, mqtt broker, network server and application server ?

The docker environment only provides you with the software part (e.g. you can click around in the web-interface to explore), you still need to have actual hardware for sending and receiving.

Hi brocaar,

Thanks for the update…

Can you please suggest some easily available hardware components which can be used to complete this PoC ?
I want to perform end-to-end data communication as part of my study.

Prasad Patil

Greetings to everyone… At this stage, I would like to ask you something. Does the Docker structure meet all the requirements in terms of software? Is it sufficient for professional use? Otherwise, what should the installation steps be for professional use? (I’m not asking about the gateway and node parts. I’m only asking about the software parts for professional use.)

Hi there,

Actually this was my second question prior to understanding of hardware components.
Can someone help ?