Understanding data base from InfluxDB integration


my goal is to integrate my LoRa sensors into an InfluxDB, so I can use the data from there for my Home Assistant.


I do the following steps:

  • Set up InfluxDB as Docker container on my server. The DB is running and I can log in.
  • Configure the integration for my Sensors application in ChirpStack

  • Add an example codec for one test device in my application Sensors
function decodeUplink(Port, Bytes)
  return { data: {
    			"temperature": 22.5
  • Add a dummy device with the codec from above which sends a message every minute. The message is processed without an issue


In which table, etc. are the data from ChirpStack stored in my InfluxDB? I can see the Sensors table with a lot of stuff in it, but I have no idea how to understand this stuff.

Please see this section in the InfluxDB integration documentation which explains the measurement naming:


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