Understanding Devices


Im trying to understand how chirpstack works

Ive added my gateway to my chirpstack instance which packet forwarding, i have a sensor attatched to my gateway but im not seeing any of the modbus data

Do i need to add the sensor to chirpstack also as a device or do i rely on the gateway to send the data?

You create a device profile which you attach to the device.

To add a decoder you need to go to the following location…
Device Profile → Profile Name → Codec
from there you can select None, Cayenne or JS.

To handle your own payload decoder which is usually what i have to do with most modbus devices as they’re all usually device specific to what registers etc you’re reading from the node you most likely need to use JS option and write your own decoder.

If you already have a decoder that works on another platform code block a copy here as it could be an easy fix to get it working with chirpstack.

Thanks for the reply!

Chatgpt helped me write the correct codec so now i see the objects in the uplink from the sensor from my modbus registers

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