Uninstall gateway bridge from server

Sorry for the stupid question and I’ll answer it myself if I figure it out.
I followed the instructions on how to install CS and I have a Tektelic Kona macro gateway, which is also running the gateway bridge (the best way to do it I figured). CS kept saying the gateway has never been seen so I think I finally realized that the gateway bridge is running on the gateway and on the CS server (Ubuntu). I definitely have the chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml on the server.
In my limited knowledge I figured the gateway bridge on the gateway can’t connect because the port is already occupied by the other one. With the gateway powered off and the server rebooted I see these ports:
$ ss | grep 1883
tcp ESTAB 0 0
tcp ESTAB 0 0
tcp ESTAB 0 0
tcp ESTAB 0 0
tcp ESTAB 0 0
tcp ESTAB 0 0

Before I screw up anything else, what is the best way to turn off the gateway bridge on the server?
Many thanks for any help.

The thing is, gateway bridge won’t block the port, it only connects to the port. That port (1883 by default) is used by MQTT broker which provides connection between network server and gateway bridge(s).

That means you don’t need to turn the gateway bridge off at all, it can coexist without issues. If you cant connect, check mosquiito logs on server, firewall, netstat -tulpn etc etc

To stop on Ubuntu
sudo systemctl stop chirpstack-gateway-bridge

To disable at startup
sudo systemctl disable chirpstack-gateway-bridge

Thanks guys for your help! My issue turned out to be the MQTT mosquitto server. I did not configure it and for security reasons the connections were not accepted. I created a config file which only needed 2 lines and then everything started working.

$ cat /etc/mosquitto/conf.d/mosquitto.conf
listener 1883
allow_anonymous true