Up link confirmed data but dowlink ACK is not receiving

Dear Team,

I need your support to find out and resolve this issue. 

I am able to transmit the data to the server and I can see the data on Gateway (LIVE LORAWAN FRAMES). It is confirmed data. But I am not able to see this data on the Application (LIVE DATA) and it not responding to RX ACK to the Node device.

Device Details:
Frequency: 868Mhz
Origin: INDIA


Service Profile:

Device Profile:

Gateway Profile:

Are any details missing?

Hi @Raj_Kumar this is a topic that has been pretty well covered on the forum - take a look through previous threads and see if there is a solution that helps resolve your situation https://forum.chirpstack.io/search?q=downlinks%20not%20received

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Hi @John_Roesler, Thank you for your support. I have checked it but I didn’t find any solution. I am new in Lora so please guide me.