Update config error: get packet-forwarder config error:

I’m trying to use lora-channel-manager and i get this error:

Feb 20 20:51:59 raspberrypi lora-channel-manager[1238]: time=“2018-02-20T20:51:59Z” level=error msg="update config error: get packet-forwarder config error: parse time error: parsing time “” as “2006-01-02T15:04:05.999999999Z07:00”: cannot parse “” as “2006"”

I configured GW_CLIENT_JWT_TOKEN. In lora-app i configured a new channel-configuration and in gateway configuration at channel-configuration list don’t shows anything.

What’s wrong?


@brocaar @ruben_gr

Even i facing the same issue.Any solution for this?

I am using risinghf gateway.

And one more over clarification i have ,when i am running an lora-app-server in local machine,it works fine and when i am trying forward to aws ubuntu instance(running lora-app-server) data is not forwarding.
local_config.json configured to aws ubuntu IP and port is 1700

Any advise on this?

In aws server side config(lora-app-server,loraserver,) do it need to enter my local gateway IP or do you feel i might be missing out something else?


I will look into this.

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I am also facing this issue