Update data on two end devices REST API?

Is it possible to update data on two end devices in one request via api?
for ex.

  "device": {
    "applicationID": "14",
    "description": "1",
    "devEUI": "222222222",
    "deviceProfileID": "222",
    "isDisabled": false,
    "name": "1"
   "device": {
    "applicationID": "14",
    "description": "App",
    "devEUI": "111111",
    "deviceProfileID": "123",
    "isDisabled": false,
    "name": "App"


use CURL to do that, if you using *nix based OS wih this tool. for example.

eugenev could you write an example of how it will look through CURL??

just use the man curl in your *nix machine or go to curl(1) - Linux manual page

I’m tedious to add, for example, 5 devices in one request. could you give an example,so that there are not 5 separate requests to the server

each request must be separate for each endnode and does not imply a group action on all at once. or write your own script that executes the batch job.

Is there any limit on the number of requests in a short time? for example it will be possible to make 100 requests one after another?

it’s not reglamented.

Hey @annalupanova1999 ,
Where REST API integration refers to connecting with third-party applications using HTTPS requests to access and transmit data .