Updating network Id on network server with already joined devices

I have a network server running with the default network id of 000000. It has a device which is already joined and sending data. I wanted to update the network id on this network server so that I can utilise the network id filtering option on the gateway.

My understanding was that if I change the network id, then the devices need to be rejoined so that they can send data again. But when I updated the network id and restarted the network server, the device continued to send data without any interruption. Is this how it is supposed to work?

I came across this behavior and confirmed with @brocaar that it is intentional. The network server only uses the NetID at join time, it is not used for validation after the fact. This allows you to, for example, migrate devices live without rejoin from a network server with one NetID to another network server with a different NetID.


Thanks a lot for confirming this @bconway.