Upgrading from early v4

Running V4.1.1 ChirpstackOS on RPI.

I have been trying to figure out how to upgrade but came across this in the doco:

Unfortunately it is not possible to migrate from ChirpStack Gateway OS v4.1.1 to ChirpStack Gateway OS v4.2.0. You need to re-flash your SD-Card with the ChirpStack Gateway OS v4.2.0 image.

Can i sanity check…this means everything needs to be rebuilt from scratch…but what about active devices…? What is the best approach here??

This sentence means that you can not use the upgrade utility of the GW OS to migrate from v4.1.x to v4.2.x, e.g. the migration is not handled automatically.

However, you can still make a Redis and PostgreSQL dump and import this once you have upgraded your Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:

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