UpLink does not return ack, and DownLink does not exit the queue

Hi everyone,
I’m new to the forum, it’s been a while since I started working with projects with chirpstack and I’m having a problem where I can’t get ack on my uplinks anymore and my downlinks don’t leave the queue. I’ll leave my settings below, I hope someone can help me, thank you in advance!

This is my Network-server log:

I thank you all, any information I can provide to help I can be making available.

Your problem is not very clear. Can you show me some frame logs from the Application tab. And how did you enqueue the downlink packet ? Through the Application server GUI or some external API. To recieve ACK for the uplinks you need to send CONFIRMED UPLINK. Check with that first.

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I believe it was a port error, because this gateway I was testing, is located more than 1800km away, but it had already worked the ack, and txack, the UpLink itself, I went up another server on amazon and tested it and there the server went up normally, I’m still going to investigate the cause of this problem and I’ll report it in this topic! thanks.